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We have all enjoyed little bits of advice from our friends that have helped us get that little bit more out of our makeup. Getting the best performance from makeup is something that we all hope to achieve, we pay a lot of money for our products so hopefully our tips can help you.

By speaking to everyone in the office and searching high and low we believe we have some of the best makeup tips for you right here.

Pencil to Gel

Did you know that you can change your pencil eyeliner into a gel eyeliner? It is possible with the help of a lighter.

Simply hold the tip of the pencil over the lighter flame for a second before leaving it for between 10-15 seconds. You will then see the consistency change but always check the temperature before applying.

Easy, Smoky Eyes

To achieve a perfect, smoky eyelid draw a hashtag # in the outer corner of your eye then use the smudger on the other side of your eye liner to blend it. This will result in an almost professional result.

Revive Your Mascara

Did you know that mascara shouldn’t be kept for over 3 months? This is because bacteria can grow and cause eye infections.

If, in that 3 months, your mascara does dry up you can use a couple of drops of saline solution to bring it back to life.

Get the best from your curler

To get the best performance from your eyelash curler all you need to do is heat it with your hairdryer then use while still warm (not too warm, you don’t want to get burnt) to achieve a longer curl.

Glue without the mess

Gluing on fake eyelashes can give you a great look, unfortunately it can be pretty messy. Using a bobby pin or Kirby grip, you can gently and accurately apply the glue with minimal hassle.

Make the most of leftovers

If you have found the perfect eyeshadow but have some loose pigments, why not make the most of them and turn them into a great lip gloss. Simply mix them in a little petroleum jelly and you will have wonderful moist lips and a great shade.

Get the perfect Cupid’s Bow

In order to get the perfect Cupid’s Bow when applying your lipstick simply find a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick and draw an X. After you apply your lipstick you will notice the difference it makes.

We will be bringing you loads more great tips and hints so make sure you keep checking back to see what great tips we have that can save you money and leave you looking perfect.

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