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Getting your lips right is a huge part of making sure your makeup is right. It might take a bit of experimentation to find the right look for you but we have some top tips that might help you find the perfect look.

Our natural lip shapes are unique to us and though some people might opt to go for fillers or get work done to achieve an enviable pout, others work to highlight their natural beauty.

Those with naturally top heavy lips should line from the centre to the outside of your lips by following your natural shape. By applying a slightly brighter shade of lipstick to the lower lip then a darker tone of the same shade to the upper lip it can help to create a more even look.

This look can also be achieved by applying white eyeshadow to the centre of the lower lip or by using a lip pencil to line your lips then fill inside your natural lip line before finishing off with lipstick.

If you have bottom heavy lips and are looking to conceal your pout you can use the same technique of applying white pencil or eyeshadow to the top lip instead of the bottom lip as mentioned before to get similar results.

People with uneven lips can lightly use a lip pencil around their natural lip line to even out any difference before blending for a natural finish.

While we may have been looking at ways to reduce a natural pout, some people find the opposite to be an issue. People with flat lips might be on the lookout for tips for fuller lips so you should start by outlining your lips just beyond the natural line, Consider using a more shimmery  lip formulas to add fullness.

By starting with a darker lip colour on the outside before moving to a brighter colour for the centre you can create a great effect. Failing that you can do your lips as normal then just add a highlighter to the centre of your lips for a similar effect.

People with thin lips will also be looking to create a fuller look so you should apply your lip liner outside your lip line before blending it and adding a darker colour to your top lip. You can then add a soft colour to the bottom lip and blend until you get the right look.

People with large lips that don’t want them to overpower your other features can use nude lip colours to keep them soft and utilise makeup elsewhere to take attention away from the lips.

These are some great ways to get the best from your lip types so it is worth testing out some of the techniques to see how they look on you.

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