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Let’s face it, makeup can be expensive, especially if you want to try different products but there are ways to cut that cost.

We are sure you are just like us when it comes to buying makeup, sometimes we find the perfect product that becomes a staple, sometimes we don’t get the results we had hoped for and we just move on.

First of all we would say to do your research, it’s amazing the information you can find online from official product testers to the general public. If a certain item performs above expectation or, heaven forbid, below you will find that information online somewhere.

Avoiding potentially expensive mistakes in the first place is the best way to save money on makeup. Use social media or forums to ask questions but it’s worth remembering that just because someone else didn’t like something it doesn’t mean that you won’t either. Keep an open mind and make an informed decision.

Another great way to be able to find the best makeup without breaking the bank is by using testers. Some brands and companies offer free testers to entice you into signing up to a newsletter so having a look about and enquiring could help you to find some great makeup that you wouldn’t have bought originally.

Discount codes are a fantastic way to make savings on makeup. If you know the brands you like and are looking to ‘restock’ or you are looking to cut down the price of your testing this could be a great avenue to explore.

One of the largest discount code provider is Groupon who you can search through to see the brands and deals they have. If you are looking for an example of what kind of deals for makeup and beauty products they have just hop over and have a look, everything from reduced products to discount codes and free items on certain purchases are available.

If you aren’t too sure what you are looking for there are also sites that can help. By entering your skin and hair types as well as your favourite kind of styles certain companies can then make up tailored boxes with items that you might like.

This is an excellent way to make savings because you will be buying a set amount of products making it easier for the company to offer discounts. You will then have the opportunity to try new brands and products that you might not have thought about previously.

Seasonal sales are great for picking up essentials and helping you make sure you have what you need for the coming months.

Our final tip is for you to sign up to all your favourite brands and shops online newsletters. This will be a great way to hear about exclusive offers and deals before anyone else and you are quite often rewarded for signing up with a discount code. Some companies even have deals where they send you a deal on your birthday so it can be well worth signing up.

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