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We all share our little tips and tricks and some work better than others. Here are some of our favourite makeup tips and hacks that have helped us over the years.

We are going to dive right into this and remember, if you have any helpful tips please let us know.

When you apply your makeup it tends to be in one position with a fixed light. Always check in a different light and mirror in case there are any areas you have missed. A quick double check under different lighting from a different angle can be a huge saver.

If you are applying litter nail polish for a night out the changes are you won’t want to be wearing it for weeks after. A great way to remove it easily is by ignoring your base coat and applying a layer of white glue, you know the stuff you used to get at school. This means when you are ready to remove the polish it will peel off easily. Just make sure you use the right kind of glue or you could end up in a…sticky situation!

While we are on base coats, or not as the case may be, using a white polish rather than a base coat to make your colour pop.

When applying your mascara a lot of us tend to sweep up, by sweeping down instead it lengthens the lashes giving them a fuller look and making your eyes seem bigger, give it a go.

If you have any tunes of makeup never just bin them when they are empty, chances are they actually aren’t. Cut open the tube and scoop the remainder into a plastic pot to be used at your leisure. It is amazing just how much you will save by doing this.

People trying to achieve the perfect cat eye with a flick of mascara should actually be drawing on an outline before filling with eyeliner.

If you are struggling with contouring simply use the handle of a brush below your cheekbone and you will be able to work from there.

When using concealer to hide bags under your eyes , rather than just dotting your concealer apply it in a triangle down to help conceal and redness and to brighten up your face.

If you have ever ended up with lipstick on your teeth you will know it’s the makeup equivalent of having food stuck in your teeth so avoiding it helps you avoid the embarrassing moment someone tells you or you notice yourself. To avoid this all you need to do after applying your lipstick is put your finger in your mouth and close your lips around it. As you pull your finger out any excess lipstick will be on your finger and won’t find its way onto your teeth.

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